John Anderson – Buyers Agent

When longtime real estate agent John Anderson decided to strike out on his own, but this time as a buyer’s agent, we were tasked with the mission of elevating his profile with a hit-the-ground-running marketing strategy. We knew we had to leverage his substantial professional network of several thousand connections, forged over decades. We also understood that John was entering one of the world’s most exciting up-and-coming industries, and so whatever we did had to be absolutely spot on.

We simultaneously tackled his LinkedIn, social media strategy and a brand new website. What we wanted to demonstrate across all these platforms was John’s motivation to fight tooth and nail for his clients to secure best deals. Most importantly, we wanted to spotlight what a great all-rounded human and family man he is. Supported by ad campaigns launching on LinkedIn, Insta and FB, we were able to accentuate John’s authentic values, down-to-earth personality and “inside” stories.

The results have been remarkable. Since launching his buyer’s agent business, John has hit all the targets in terms of profitability and success, thanks in no small part to our all-guns-blazing marketing strategy. And he has carved out a niche in the luxury buying market, with a reputation as an agent of integrity.

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