Muscle Car Warehouse

For anyone who’s into classic and collectable Australian muscle cars, the go-to online platform for buying, selling (and generally sharing the love) is Muscle Car Warehouse. With a warehouse in Sydney’s Kogarah area, this business has been built from blood, sweat and enormous passion. We know, because we’ve been with this incredible brand from day one.

As a full-service client, OzLocal manages all of Muscle Car Warehouse’s marketing requirements. These include brand design, a range of printed materials (such as its calendars, business cards and flyers) and signage to social media campaigns, website, e-commerce store and online platform – which, if you haven’t already guessed, is like but for muscle and vintage cars.

One of our earliest successes was in the start up days. We helped Muscle Car Warehouse launch a full social media strategy before their offering was even live, which enabled them to build a full community of ardent followers very quickly. The ability to problem solve with verve and flair has been characteristic of our partnership from the outset.

It’s been amazing for us to be immersed in the fascinating and flamboyant sub-culture of muscle cars. We’d also like to do a massive shout out to Muscle Car Warehouse for supporting great charitable causes and mentoring young racing guns. We’re pleased to announce that Muscle Car Warehouse now has plans to refurbish its factory warehouse into a multi-million showroom. Stay tuned for this exciting development.

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